Our Story

The Pleasant Pops Story

Pleasant Pops was born in 2009, because we really liked traditional Mexican ice pops called paletas and couldn’t find any in Washington, D.C. When we created Pleasant Pops we wanted to combine the Mexican tradition of fresh fruit ice pops with local and sustainable agriculture from the greater D.C. area.

The result? After experimenting with flavors in the kitchen for a year, Pleasant Pops sold our first pop in July 2010, and we now have over 100 flavors, all of which are original recipes made from locally sourced fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, and dairy. Now you can find Pleasant Pops at D.C. farmers’ markets and at our truck “Big Poppa” (follow us on twitter @pleasantpops for location). 

In September 2012 we opened our first store – the Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market and Cafe.

- Roger and Brian, Pleasant Pops co-founders


At Pleasant Pops, we support our neighbors, source locally, say please and thank you, and look forward to seeing you soon.

passion for real food

We use the best natural ingredients we can find because real food doesn’t have twenty-five ingredients or include scientific terms. Our pops aren’t “slow melt” because nature didn’t intend frozen pops to melt slowly on a 95 degree day.

Supporting our neighbors

We are committed to being active citizens in our community. We give a minimum of 1% of our sales every year to a variety of local community organizations. We maintain personal relationships with our farmers and work to promote local farms and local businesses whenever possible.

Responsible citizens

We minimize our environmental impact by sourcing locally, recycling, composting our organic waste, and reducing our utility usage. We are continually searching for new ways to make our operations even greener.